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Why do Chinese students like studying in Japanese high schools

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Where do Chinese students like to study? U.S.A? britain? You certainly didn't think that, in fact, Chinese little pot friends also love Japan very much. Data released by the Japanese government on the 8th showed that the number of overseas students who attended Japanese high schools for no less than three months in fiscal year 2013 rose for the first time after the 2011 earthquake, an increase of 30% over the previous fiscal year. Among them, nearly one third of them are Chinese students.

Chinese high school students

Ten years ago, it was the "main force"

From March 2013 to March 2014, there were a total of 1665 foreign students who had studied in Japanese high school for no less than three months, including 536 Chinese, 149 Americans, 109 German and 127 Thai students.

It's not big, is it? But it shows a state: Chinese students are three times as many as those in the United States and about four times as many as Thai and German students.

Obviously, the number of Chinese students is far more than or even several times that of other countries. Do Chinese students only recently prefer to study in Japan? In fact, it is not.

In fact, as early as 10 years ago, Chinese students became the "main force" of Japanese overseas students. According to a Japanese data in 2005, the number of students studying in Japan increased to 121000, of which more than 80000 were Chinese students.

Even in the 2011 fiscal year, when the number of high school students dropped sharply, Chinese students still accounted for about a third.

Chinese students

It is the "Gospel" of Japanese Universities

In addition, with the gradual decline in the birth rate, the number of school-age students and the reduction of government funding for education, Japanese Colleges and universities are also facing severe challenges in terms of enrollment. Chinese students have become the "Gospel" of Japanese universities.

Chinese students not only meet the needs of Japanese schools, but also some students start their own businesses in Japan after graduation. As of 2013, 321 overseas students have successfully obtained investment or business manager visa, which is five times higher than that in 2007. According to statistics, the number of college students born in 2013 and in 2031 is only 1.04 million, which is 150000 less than that in 2013. It is estimated that the number of newborns in Japan will be reduced to about 830000 by 2020.


The number of overseas students in Japan is rising gradually

Kyodo News Agency reported that the number of high school students studying in Japan in fiscal year 2013 increased by 30% compared with the previous fiscal year, mainly because overseas people's worries about the follow-up effects of the earthquake have subsided.

Affected by the 2011 "3.11" earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant accident, the number of overseas students going to Japan to study decreased.

In fiscal year 2011, there were 1283 foreign students studying in Japanese high schools for no less than three months, a decrease of 30% compared with the previous fiscal year. In the 2008 fiscal year before the earthquake, the number was 1824.

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