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Introduction of junior high school graduates studying in Spain

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

If junior high school graduates choose to go abroad to study in senior high school, there will be many advantages, but there will be some problems. When we decide to study abroad program, we should consider these advantages and disadvantages carefully, so as to measure them and make comprehensive and full preparations. So what are the advantages of going abroad to high school?

language dominance

The younger a child is, the better he is at imitating language. After two or three years of high school education, the practical ability will be stronger.

teach students in accordance with their aptitude

Foreign high schools generally adopt the course selection system, which allows students to face their own interests and hobbies earlier and choose courses with a definite aim. Students can choose courses according to their major in the future and the direction of their future employment, which greatly arouses their enthusiasm for study and makes it easier to get high marks and enter famous universities for further study.

A test is no longer a lifetime

Introduction of junior high school graduates studying in Spain Introduction of junior high school graduates studying in Spain

If the children are of the type with good grades and poor performance in exams due to nervousness, it is obvious that the continuous assessment system of peacetime performance commonly used by foreign high schools is more helpful for children to get a fair measurement.

Temper independent character

Studying abroad as soon as possible makes it easier for children to develop independent and self-improvement character in the process of self-study and self-care life, which will help them adapt to the society in the future.

Three preparations for going abroad for high school

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Of course, there will be some hidden worries about studying abroad early. For example, the children are too young, they lack certain independent living ability and self-control ability, their foreign language level is not so good, whether they can learn well abroad, whether they will let themselves go because of lack of constraints, and so on. These problems are unavoidable for parents.

Many parents are very concerned about how to prepare for sending their children to study abroad? In this regard, experts believe that there are mainly three aspects:

1. Language ability. Children should have a certain foreign language foundation and learning ability, after all, language is an important means of communication, especially in foreign learning and living, many problems come from children's lack of language ability.

2. Financial capacity. In terms of fund preparation, first of all, sufficient funds should be prepared. Generally, only deposits in the bank can be used as security deposit. Different countries have different regulations on the time when the guarantee deposit has existed in the bank. For example, Australia requires the deposit to be completed for 6 months, and Canada has better deposit for 18 months. Some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, can take the form of loans if the deposit age is not long enough. Each country has different requirements for the amount of guarantee, please consult the relevant departments.

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