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What are the advantages of going to Spain to study in high school

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

  [what are the advantages of studying in high school in Spain


With the increasingly frequent economic and trade exchanges between China and Spain and South America, the demand for Spanish talents in China is increasing, which brings broad employment prospects for students who are familiar with Spanish and European culture. In addition, Spain's immigration policy is relatively relaxed, and those who have lived continuously for more than five years can apply for permanent residence. As one of the 15 EU members, Spain's visa will also provide overseas students with the convenience to travel to Europe.


   [what are the advantages of studying abroad in high schools in Spain? Advanced education, globally recognized degree]


Spain has a long history of higher education, with more than 100 universities, more than 300 colleges and many famous research centers. The quality of higher education in Spain is excellent, and there are many world-famous first-class universities, such as the public university of comptons in Madrid, the University of Madrid Polytechnic, the University of Salamanca and the University of Barcelona.


   [what are the advantages of studying in high school in Spain? The economic pressure of studying in Spain is small]


Spain adheres to the European style of education. Public universities carry out almost tuition free education with government funding. They only need to pay undergraduate registration fees, but some private universities have to pay high tuition fees. Spain has the same social benefits for overseas students as its citizens. At the same time, the Spanish government also allows international students to work legally. The tuition, living expenses and insurance costs for the first year of studying in Spain are about 70000-100000 yuan, much lower than those in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Therefore, for Chinese students, there is no great economic pressure to study in Spain.

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