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Enrollment guide of international preparatory course for studying abroad in Spain in 2016

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

The most widely used practical language in the world is the third largest language after Chinese and English. The number of English speaking people in the world is about   four point nine   Billion, talk about it Spanish There are   four   100 million  ,  There are nearly 30 countries,   At the same time, Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries, including most of the central and South American countries. Besides English, the official language of the United States also includes Spanish. This makes Overseas Study Spain Learning Spanish international There are more and more students.    

    With China's accession   WTO  , With the gradual strengthening of economic and trade relations with Spain and other countries in South America where Spanish is widely spoken, there is a shortage of Spanish talents in China Spanish major The number of students is very limited and not proficient enough, but the demand for Spanish language talents at home and abroad is on the rise. In Spain, politicians, cultural, economic and diplomatic circles lament the scarcity of bilingual talents. In recent years, the Chinese and Western governments have been vigorously promoting the economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges between the two countries. The past year 2007 has been designated as the year of China Spain by China. The friendly relations between China and the West are warming up day by day.  

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