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2015-2016 Spanish Undergraduate Education Strategy

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

   Advantages of studying in Spain

1. Low cost and broad market

Spanish universities are mainly public universities, because public higher education is subsidized by the government, the tuition fees are low. The annual tuition fee of undergraduate major is about 500-1500 euro, and the living cost is about 6000 euro. At present, the exchange rate of euro is falling, so it is cheaper to study in Spain! Spanish is one of the common languages in the world. With the deepening of economic and trade relations between China, Spain and Latin America, the demand for Spanish talents is also increasing, and the employment market for those who understand Spanish is broad.

2. Pleasant environment and abundant products

Spain is close to the Mediterranean Sea, with pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. As one of the top three tourism kingdoms in the world, it is one of the countries with the largest number of world cultural heritages. It is also rated as one of the most suitable countries for human development by the United Nations development program, which is very suitable for living and learning. At the same time, Spain, which is rich in products, is a paradise for gourmets. Each region has a famous food culture, and the cuisine is closest to the taste of Chinese people.

3. Famous schools and rich culture

Spain has high-level universities in many fields, and has several world-class research centers. 15% of Spanish universities are among the top 500 in the world. Spain's business education, new energy education, architecture, art, medicine, tourism, engineering, linguistics and aeronautics are also well-known in the world. Spain has a long history and splendid culture. It has made great achievements in the fields of literature, painting, architecture, sports, music and so on.

4. Social stability and preferential treatment

Spain has a sound legal system, social stability, progress and civilization, Chinese students can enjoy superior social security here. Spain has a loose immigration policy. Whether you buy a house in Spain or study in Spain for three years, you can easily and quickly obtain residence permit in Spain and immigrate to Spain!

   Studying in Spain, studying in the world's top 500 universities:

Spain has the oldest university in Europe. Its university tradition can be traced back to the middle ages and even influenced the establishment of higher education system in the United States and Brazil in the future. At present, there are 83 universities in Spain, with 2464 undergraduate programs, 3519 master's programs and 1650 doctoral programs. About 15% of Spanish universities are among the world's top 500 universities.

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