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How to let high school students study in Spain?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

The college entrance examination in 2015 has come to an end. After the college entrance examination, many children have begun to prepare for studying in Spain, but they don't know how to apply according to their own situation. Well, let's ask Mr. Pu Yun of century China travel to answer for you how to make high school students study in Spain.

Generally speaking, Chinese high school graduates apply for Spanish university undergraduate, which can be divided into two situations;

[with college entrance examination results, the score has reached the minimum score line in Spain after conversion]

According to the agreement on educational equivalence between China and Spain, Chinese high school graduates who have achieved the national college entrance examination scores can apply for the Spanish public university through the equivalent certification of college entrance examination scores, and do not need to participate in the Spanish college entrance examination. In addition, students from all regions of China must achieve more than 45% of the total score of the local college entrance examination, which is also one of the conditions for high school students to study in Spain.


[no college entrance examination result, or the score does not reach the minimum score line in Spain after conversion]

For senior high school students who do not have college entrance examination scores or whose scores are not up to the standard, they can go to Spain to study higher vocational education college for one year language courses and two-year professional courses. After three years of graduation, they do not need to take the examination and can directly enter the undergraduate study of Spanish public universities. In the absence of college entrance examination results, this way can also make it possible for high school students to study in Spain.


Most of the high school students who are going to study in Spain do not have the basic knowledge of Spanish, or have not reached the level of listening ability in Spanish. So how can we realize the goal of high school students studying in Spain? First of all, we have to have 500 class hours of language courses in China, about 4 months. Then, when the Spanish language reaches the level of A2.2, you can apply for a Spanish language school, obtain a visa, and then go abroad for another 9 months of language courses. If you pass the Dele test and reach the level of B2 or above, you can directly enter the University for undergraduate study.


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