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Common problems of master's study in Spain

Source: unknown 2016-06-16

Spanish Study Center When applying for an official master's degree in Spain, students should choose their major. At present, there are no restrictions on social science, media, management and other majors, so it is allowed to change majors. Science and engineering majors and pure language majors still have some requirements for students' original majors. If you want to know the application requirements of a certain major, please contact the teacher of the Spanish Study Center for foreign studies.

   How many years of master's degree in Spain?

   Spanish Study Center Spain has a short master's degree system, most of which are one year's master's degree, while some research-oriented masters need two years. Domestic Spanish undergraduate students should be graduates of previous years, or those with Dele B2 level can apply for master's degree directly.

If there is no Spanish foundation, the educational system is: 4 months at home (learning Spanish) + 8-9 months (strengthening and improving Spanish) abroad + 1-2 years (Master's degree) abroad

   What materials do you need to prepare to apply for master's degree in Spain?

   Spanish Study Center Passport; curriculum vitae; recommendation; Motivation letter; Language proficiency certificate; Notarization and certification of some materials; Other auxiliary materials. For the specific requirements of the application materials, please consult the consultant teacher of the Spanish study center.

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