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Introduction of undergraduate students studying in Italy

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

  The Italian government and the Ministry of education of China have actively cooperated to sign the documents of mutual certification of academic qualifications. At the same time, the Italian president Association launched Marco Polo's study abroad opportunities, aiming to recruit more excellent Chinese students Studying in Italy There are 55 national universities, 14 non-state (private) universities, 3 science and engineering universities, 2 foreign universities, 3 master universities and many art, music and design schools in Italy. National universities do not charge tuition, only a small registration fee. Private universities have higher tuition fees, but they also have higher teaching quality, and art and design majors are mainly set up by private universities.


Study abroad program
Freshman reading Apply with the college entrance examination results of that year.
Sophomore reading Apply with the college entrance examination results of that year. If it is the same major, part of the credits can be transferred after the school evaluation.
Junior is reading It is suggested that students, if not for special reasons, should wait until they graduate to apply for a master's degree.
university graduated
(current and previous)
Learning plan:
300-600 class hours of domestic Italian training + 6 months of foreign language training + two years of University Master's degree.
Application project:
Ordinary students: Italy Programma Marco Polo Study abroad program
Art student: Italy Turandot Program Study abroad program
Budget for studying abroad (about 200000 yuan in total)
Service charge for studying abroad: 12000 yuan
Domestic Italian language training fee: 8000-15000 yuan
Foreign Italian tuition: 16000-25000 yuan
Tuition fee of professional courses in foreign universities: free (annual registration fee is 300-1000 Euro)
Living expenses abroad: RMB 50000-70000 per year
Basic requirements for studying abroad:
Have a university degree certificate;

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