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Junior high school students' choice of studying in Italy

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Nowadays, studying in Italy is one of the important references for many families to choose their destination. There are a lot of students who go to Italy every year, and they are increasing year by year. As a result, when our students apply for University, the competition is very fierce. Some parents want to send their children to Italy to study while their children are still in middle school. Now, Huatong international consultants ask you to summarize the following options for junior high school students to study in Italy:

I. junior high school teaching in Italy (11-14 years old)

Italy's junior high school system of 3 years, for responsibility, free teaching, with the primary school diploma admission. The courses offered in each grade of junior high school are: religion, Italian, pre history, geography, foreign language, mathematics and natural science, technical teaching, art, music and physical education, with a total of 30 class hours per week.

The curriculum is consistent across the country. The curriculum policy of junior high school focuses on developing students' logical, scientific and practical abilities, as well as the ability to understand a sound society from multiple perspectives, and to help students learn to choose in life. As for the policy of each discipline, it is required to combine the development of students' rationality with the acquisition of full knowledge of the world. Language teaching (especially Italian) should focus on the cultivation of students' language skills in daily life and use it as a tool to understand the individual world. The purpose of mathematics and natural science teaching is to cultivate the ability of logic, induction and reasoning, as well as scientific thinking habits, so as to establish favorable and active contact with the real world when solving problems

Teaching during senior high school in Italy (14-19 years old)

At the end of the three-year study in junior high school, it is necessary for students to participate in the graduation examination. There are three written examinations in Italian, mathematics and foreign languages, and a multi-disciplinary interview. Those who pass the examination will obtain a junior high school diploma and be admitted to senior high school.

The teaching system of Italian senior high schools is 3-5 years, which can be divided into the following categories: 3-year and 5-year vocational high schools, 4-year and 5-year art high schools, 5-year arts and science high schools and technical high schools. The graduates of 3-year vocational high school enter the labor market directly. The graduates of 4-year and 5-year senior high school pass 4-5-year study and participate in the "national examination". Those who pass the examination can obtain the high school diploma and enter the University.

Senior high school is mainly divided into three categories: Ordinary middle school, technical middle school and vocational middle school. The most prestigious is the ordinary middle school (including classical middle school and practical middle school), with a five-year schooling system. It mainly focuses on general basic teaching and takes assisting graduates to enter colleges and universities. 25% of all junior high school graduates enter the ordinary secondary school. The schooling system of technical secondary schools is also five years. It is usually further divided into agriculture, engineering and commerce. Its level and type are equivalent to that of secondary vocational schools in China, but the training policy is for workers with high technical level rather than technicians. Technical secondary school graduates can either work or enter the corresponding departments of technical colleges or universities after assessment. Vocational secondary schools have a low status. The national vocational secondary school system has a five-year system, and most of the local secondary schools also have five-year system. The primary task is to cultivate intermediate skilled workers.

Founded in September 1988, the world college in Rome, Italy, focuses on teaching activities for children aged 2-18. The junior high school was opened in 2001. Rome World College, Italy, is convenient for transportation, adjacent to the park, and equipped with classrooms, sports equipment, science laboratory, music room, library and computer room.

3. Junior High School of Rome World College, Italy (grade 7-9)

Although the world college in Rome, Italy, has always regarded itself as a world college, it has never forgotten the language and civilization of the motherland. I would like to express my gratitude to many cooperative schools for helping students prepare for the final examination of terza media in Grade 9. As a result, junior high school students have more time to learn Italian language, literature, pre history and geography, and even study mathematics, science and industry teaching in their spare time, and prepare for the Italian licenza media examination at the end of grade 9. The Rome world college works with local Italian schools to serve each student who takes part in the exam. Non Italian students need to learn Italian, civilization and other parallel courses with ial teachers.

If the students do not understand English at all, the school will organize eal course (English teaching activities for students whose mother tongue is not English). Let the students be proud and become active listeners. Advanced learners can use social education English fluently, but still need to participate in basic and solid courses. According to the needs of students, Rome World College provides a set of flexible services. Each week, experienced eal teachers teach 2-4 classes in the away field or eal classroom, including spelling, reading and role playing. At the end of the semester, the speech evaluation results will be written into the eal statement.

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