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The real feeling of studying in Italy

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

  1,    Graduation is difficult. This is also the most important problem. In the regular public universities in Italy, it is impossible for Nanke to graduate on time. Unless you are a top-notch student in China, no one will study here   So for most of the students who come to Italy,   If you want to get a bachelor's degree in three years and a master's degree in two years, it's impossible. If you're lucky, you have to study hard day and night, and you have to take out the momentum of senior three every day. Maybe you can graduate in 5 or 6 years, Like many of the brothers and sisters from Zhejiang and the vast rural areas of Northeast China, they can work as illegal workers here to earn the salary of 7-800 euro a month, and wait for the opportunity to be granted amnesty. But in this way, basically, youth will be spent here, and the idea of returning home in youth can be ended  

   Therefore, if you really want to study here and go back, you'd better not come to Italy to study, because once you set foot on the land of Italy, it's very difficult for you to go back. The reason is, I think we all know that there are too many examples. Of course, there are some people who ignore the secular concept and choose to go home without hesitation, In fact, I can understand. Because the life here is really too hard, which reminds me of going to the countryside in the 1960s and 1970s. Especially for those families whose family conditions are not very good, this is my most real feeling  

   2,   Consumption is high   The general rent is more than 10 times higher than that in China. The price of clothes and food is much higher than that in China. Many Chinese children who come to study here are usually on a diet. They even can't bear to eat a bowl of fried rice with 2 euro. Some Chinese students eat spaghetti as their staple food all day long. I used to eat it once or twice, Italian fashion is famous, but most of the students from China are reluctant to buy the famous brand clothes, because it is converted into RMB  , It costs thousands of each  . (a thousand yuan in some parts of China is a month's salary for many people)  

   three   Lonely and lonely   It seems that this problem is not very serious, some parents will say lightly, isn't it lonely? In a few years, tolerance will pass, but the fact?   When some foreign students first come, they are really not used to it. First, they are unfamiliar with their hometown and miss their hometown. Second, they have language problems. When they first come, they have to run all the things registered by themselves. They can't speak and understand the language. It's really depressing   Some people are infatuated with the network. QQ, MSN think this can ease the sad mood, but the fact? I can't help but miss my relatives, lovers and friends in China, and it's hard to improve my Italian language ability. I remember when we first came here, I heard it in a Chinese restaurant  < I love you, China >   Everyone's eyes are full of tears   Many foreign students begin to choose to live together. In foreign countries, many people don't care about their own feelings. If you look for one, it's OK to relieve the suffering. Many girls find foreigners and small boss in Wenzhou. This kind of example is also revealed by Bibi. In the end, they don't succeed in learning, and they often have miscarriages. They despise them   It's lucky that we can find them. There are many people who are single. We can imagine the degree of dullness in our life. Some of them come together, and they are depressed  

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