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Italian high school study program

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Junior secondary education in Italy (11-14 years old)

     Italy's junior high school system of 3 years, for compulsory, free education, with the primary school diploma entrance. The courses offered in each grade of junior high school are: religion, Italian, history, geography, foreign language, mathematics and natural science, technical education, fine arts, music and physical education, with a total of 30 class hours per week.

     The curriculum is unified across the country. The curriculum goal of junior high school focuses on developing students' logical, scientific and practical abilities, as well as the ability to understand the whole society from multiple perspectives, and help students learn to choose in life. As for the goal of each subject, it is required to combine the development of students' rationality with the acquisition of a full understanding of the world. Language teaching (especially Italian) should focus on the cultivation of students' language skills in daily life and use it as a tool to understand the individual world. The purpose of mathematics and natural science teaching is to cultivate logical ability, induction and reasoning ability, as well as scientific thinking habits, so as to establish beneficial and active contact with the real world when solving problems

     Italian high school education (14-19 years old)

     At the end of the three-year study in junior high school, students must take the graduation examination. The examination consists of three written tests in Italian, mathematics and foreign languages, and a multi-disciplinary oral test. Those who pass the examination will receive a junior high school diploma and be admitted to senior high school.

     The educational system of Italian high school is 3-5 years, which is divided into the following categories: 3-year and 5-year vocational high schools, 4-year and 5-year art high schools, 5-year arts and science high schools and technical high schools. The graduates of 3-year vocational high school enter the labor market directly. The graduates of 4-year and 5-year senior high schools can obtain senior high school diploma and enter university after 4-5 years of study and "national examination".

     Senior high school is mainly divided into three categories: Ordinary middle school, technical middle school and vocational middle school. The most prestigious is the ordinary middle school (including classical middle school and practical middle school), with a five-year schooling system, focusing on general basic education, and taking helping graduates enter colleges and universities as their own responsibility. Scholars who enter the ordinary middle school account for 25% of all junior high school graduates. The schooling system of technical secondary school is also 5 years, and it is usually further divided into agricultural, engineering and business subjects. The level and type of technical secondary school are equivalent to those of secondary vocational schools in China, but the training objective is to train workers with high skill level rather than technicians.

        Technical secondary school graduates can be employed, or they can be admitted to technical colleges or corresponding departments of universities after assessment. Vocational secondary schools have a low status. The national secondary vocational school system has a five-year system, and most of the local vocational schools also have five-year system, and their main task is to train intermediate technicians.

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