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Collection: detailed process of DIY for graduate students studying in Italy

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

DIY process and experience of Italian graduate students  

Recently, some people always ask me some questions about DIY studying abroad. I always answer the same questions in these months. After all, I am not an intermediary. I always answer them unconditionally. To tell the truth, I am a little bored. So I write down all the steps I know. I hope it can help you.  

As for DIY, I personally think it is better to handle all materials by myself  

Advantages: 1. On the one hand, you can save agency fees. The general intermediary fees range from 8000 to 12000. Of course, if you are rich and want to save time and don't care about the money, you can find an intermediary directly instead of looking down. I only provide help for those who want to save the money by themselves. (after all, more than 10000, you can buy a lot of other things)  
2. On the other hand, if you do it yourself, you will have a great sense of achievement. At least you know how you went to study in Italy, and you have trained some of your abilities. You say that you can't handle these things at home, but you will find it more difficult to handle other things abroad. Because a lot of people who study in Italy look for an intermediary to deal with it. Up to now, they don't know what kind of materials they need to go to the school. If you ask him, he will say that it's the intermediary who makes it, and he doesn't know.  

Disadvantages: you need to check some information about the relevant school, contact the school yourself, pay attention to the date of application and the relevant materials needed.  

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