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Would you like to go to Italy to study as a graduate student?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

  Among many European countries, yes Study abroad expenses Students who have concerns can consider some countries with low tuition fees, such as going to Studying in Italy Italy has a long history of higher education, most of the public universities are free of tuition, and the diplomas are recognized globally. Students who want to apply for master's degree in Italy can enjoy the advantage of short schooling.

     Advantages of studying in Italy

     All public universities are free  

     Italian higher education has a long history, many universities have a history of more than 500 years. There are 77 comprehensive universities in Italy, most of which are public universities, which are free of tuition fees. In Italy, there is little difference in the quality of teaching between public and private universities, and their diplomas are recognized globally. Italian universities implement the policy of lenient admission and strict exit. The admission conditions are relatively low, and all high school graduates can apply. But if the students don't work hard, they may not be able to finish their studies in the specified years. Generally, the short-term undergraduate education system is 3 years, the long-term undergraduate education system is 5 years, the master's degree is 1-2 years, and the doctor's degree is 3 years.  

     World class design  

     Italy is the birthplace of the European Renaissance, has a profound artistic heritage. Therefore, higher education in Italy focuses on music, painting clothing design In addition, they are featured in physics, philosophy, law, medicine and agriculture. Design majors are the key products of Italian higher education, such as industrial design, fashion design, architectural design, jewelry design, etc. In addition, the economic engineer course is also suitable for Chinese students. It is equivalent to an MBA in the United States and the United States, with a length of five years.  

     You can work in your spare time  

     According to Italian law, foreign students can work 20 hours a week. According to the Italian labor wage standard of 60 yuan / hour, Chinese students can earn about 4000-5000 yuan per month, which can greatly reduce the economic burden. However, for Chinese students with weak language ability, there are not many opportunities to work.

     Three points for studying in Italy  

     Language threshold  

     Most courses in Italian universities are taught in Italian, and foreign students are required to take language tests. The first foreign language of Chinese students is English, but the foundation of Italian is weak. Moreover, there are few related training in China. At present, only a few training institutions, such as Shanghai Oufeng training center and Shanghai International Language Institute, provide Italian training services.  

     The procedures are cumbersome  

     The application procedures for studying in Italy are rather complicated, requiring the applicant to provide a lot of supporting materials, which makes many Chinese students flinch. In this regard, the procedures for applying for an Italian visa have been simplified, and international students can be relieved to apply for studying in Italy.  

     The channel is not smooth  

     As Italy has just opened its overseas study market and language barrier, Chinese students have no smooth access to information about studying in Italy. It is understood that this year, a number of Italian colleges and universities have offered 1500 places to Chinese applicants, which have been wasted because most students do not understand.

     Overview of applying for master's degree in Italy:

     The master's program in Italy is two years. Basic requirements for undergraduates to study in Italy for master's degree: university degree certificate. Its learning plan is 300-600 hours of Italian training in China + 6 months of foreign language training + two years of University Master's degree.

     Ways to go to Italy for postgraduate study:

     There are two ways to study in Italy

     1. Plan to go abroad (Turandot plan for art students, Marco Polo plan for non art students);

     2. Go abroad for international students. "Plan to go abroad" requires registration of universities and majors in China from November to December every year, visa application in January of the next year, and going abroad at the end of February and early March.

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