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Application conditions for master's degree in Italy

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

In modern society, a person's education level plays an increasingly important role in his career and life. Often in many cases, a person's education is the door to a career. People themselves are very sensitive to education More and more attention has been paid to the degree. Italy The quality of education is high, and the degree of diploma recognition is also relatively high Overseas Study It's a good way to improve yourself. Let's follow Study abroad website Let's take a look at the conditions for studying in Italy.

   1、 Application conditions

Education requirements: Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in China, which is the most basic condition for Italian students to apply for master's degree.

Language requirements: applicants need to have language scores, go to Italy for postgraduate study and boarding. There is no dual admission mode. In other words, when applying for graduate students, they need to have language scores and meet the admission requirements of graduate students. The language requirements for graduate students studying in Italy are as follows: TOEFL Above 550 points IELTS More than 6.5.

GPA score requirements: also need to have GPA score to be high. GPA is the average score of university performance. The minimum admission standard of GPA is more than 75 points when studying in Italy.

Standardized test score requirements: the application for graduate students in Italy should also have GRE or GMAT scores, and the scores must be good. Italian universities generally require to pass GRE or GMAT, GMAT needs more than 550-600, GRE needs more than 1200. But it is not a very clear requirement. It needs to be different according to different schools and majors.

Economic conditions:

   Letter of introduction : if the applicant is a student, please provide the original letter of introduction from the parent's Chinese company or agency. The letter of introduction should be issued on the head of the unit with the official seal and signed by the person in charge. The letter of introduction must include the address, telephone number, fax number and parents' job title and salary; If parents are private business owners, please apply visa Show the original business license of the company and provide a copy;

If the applicant has a job, please provide the original of the letter of introduction from the applicant's Chinese company or organization. The letter of introduction should be issued on the company's title paper, with the official seal and the signature of the person in charge. The letter of introduction must include the address, telephone number, fax number, position and salary of the applicant, go abroad Time limit (specify the departure and return dates) and ensure the applicant's return on schedule; Please apply for visa and present the original business license of Chinese enterprise and provide a copy.

  2. Application materials

Materials to be prepared;

F form: original + 2 copies;

Photo certification form and photo: original + 1 copy;

Value statement application form;

Bachelor's degree certificate (to be translated into Italian) certified by the Ministry of foreign affairs of China and the Consulate General of the Italian Embassy in China: original + 2 copies;

Complete university transcripts and course descriptions (translated into Italian): original + 2 copies.

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