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How to plan to study in UK junior high school?

Source: unknown 2016-06-13

Junior high school (GCSE) in the UK is equivalent to grade 10 and grade 11. Junior high school in the UK lasts for 2 years, senior high school for 2 years, University for 3 years and master's degree for 1 year. GCSE in the UK still has requirements on the age of admission. Generally, students are required to be between 14 and 17 years old. If they are too young or too old, many schools will not accept applications. Generally speaking, junior high school graduates in China are more suitable for GCSE.

There are many subjects for students to choose from in British junior high schools. Generally, they will choose about 9-12 subjects. Mathematics, physical education and science are compulsory. Domestic students can study English or not. However, if they choose English courses and reach C or above, they will not need IELTS scores when they enter university, However, there are also many universities who have read GCSE without IELTS. In addition, they also have English literature course, which is equivalent to the Chinese course in China. Except for students who want to train their English, they are not recommended to take this course, because many British people will find it difficult. For foreign students, they also have a special language class, that is, EFL, which is about two classes a week. Of course, they can choose to add or not to the language class according to their actual situation.

Besides mathematics and physical education, science is also a compulsory course. These include physical biology and chemistry. If we choose science as the major course, the physical biochemistry examination will be more difficult, and the examination will be three grades. If we do not choose science as the major course, then the difficulty will not be so high and the examination will be relatively easy. However, for Chinese students, their science lessons are all from our junior high school, which can be regarded as major courses. Moreover, there are only one or two experiments or researches in junior high schools in Britain, and the general situation is the same as that in China.

British junior high school course selection is classified, he will divide similar subjects into groups, students from each group must choose at least one to learn. For example, art class and computer class are counted as a group. Students should choose at least one of them, and historical geography also needs to choose one of them. In addition, there are many interesting classes to choose from, such as food class and so on. Art classes need to do some clothing or models and other works, there will be a fashion show every year, so some students who have not learned painting can also choose. Geography and history course and domestic similar, are some basic knowledge, examination and domestic similar.

English junior high school also has French, Spanish, German, Latin language courses, but not every school allows new students to choose, or if English is not very good, the school does not recommend everyone to learn. Because English people can learn foreign language lessons from an early age, without the foundation, it is not easy to complete homework.

Because the English junior high school is not very difficult on the whole, so Chinese students can generally keep up with it. And they almost do not leave homework, homework can be completed in an hour, perhaps art will take some time. English middle school is also very relaxed, teachers do not like China to raise their hands to answer questions, each class of students will be about 10 or so. Domestic students can choose the subjects they are interested in, because it is easy to keep up with the teacher's course. It is suggested that domestic students can take the following courses: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, physical education, business, computer, history, food.

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