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What is an express course?

Source: unknown 2016-06-13

  Fast course is a new form of education in Australia's higher education system, which meets the needs of internationalization. It is well known that international students who want to study for an undergraduate Bachelor's degree in Australia must first take a one-year pre university course in Australia before they are eligible for a bachelor's degree. In this way, international students will spend one year more to get their degree than Australian students. In view of this situation, many famous universities in Australia jointly launched the fast track course. After completing this course in 8-12 months, students can directly enter the second year of the university to study relevant bachelor's degree courses. Reducing the study time is equivalent to reducing the cost of studying abroad.

The entrance requirements of Australia's famous universities are relatively high. Relatively speaking, the entry threshold of fast course is relatively low. IELTS 5.5 is about. If the average score of senior high school is 75, the application qualification is qualified. If the IELTS score is not high, the express course will have 5-10 weeks of special language learning time.

However, the low threshold does not mean that the teaching quality is low. Because this course is initiated by the Australian Department of education, the quality of teaching and the implementation of teaching plans are directly supervised by the Australian Higher Education Assessment Commission. Moreover, it is recognized by 40 universities in Australia and all universities in the Commonwealth countries, which is equivalent to the first-year courses of their universities. Express courses are usually taught by university lecturers on campus. However, compared with ordinary freshman courses, it is more suitable for the needs of international students. For example, small class teaching can attract more attention and gain more learning; It includes both specialized English courses and professional basic courses, especially for Chinese students whose mother tongue is not English. Moreover, it offers multiple choices. For example, iBT education group in Australia, which is famous for providing fast courses, has six business colleges: SIBT, PIBT, MIBT, CIC, QIBT and SAIBT.

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