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The secret: it is nearly 2 million cheaper for middle school students to study in Britain than in the United States

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

  Do middle school students choose the United States or Britain?

Wang is not a top student in science class of Hangzhou No.2 Middle School, but he is very good at communication and self-study. After evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of going to the United States and the United Kingdom for secondary school, she rationally chose the way of full trusteeship to study in the UK, which was easier to enter the world's famous schools, and became a typical case of the full trusteeship program to create a personalized future for "good students": encouraging her to achieve cross-cultural integration and promoting her to become a "red collar" student in London noble schools, She was arranged to go to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) during her vacation. She was eventually admitted to the land economics major of Cambridge University. Why did she give up the idea of studying in the United States and chose to go to England instead? Let's compare the differences between British and American students.

   1 time comparison


The education systems of Britain and the United States are different. If the children start after the third year of junior high school, the children who choose to study in the United States will spend three years more after graduation than those who choose to study in the UK. During these three years, British students have accumulated rich working experience.

   2 cost comparison


Choosing the United States to study abroad not only takes longer than choosing the UK, but also costs about 2 million more than that of the UK. Choosing where to study is more affordable and clear at a glance.

   3. Difficulty of entering higher education


From the perspective of secondary school curriculum system, alevel course in Britain is elite education. It can choose the four subjects that you are good at. You can give up another one in the next year, so that you can develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. The curriculum in the United States is liberal arts and science, including American history, religion, art and other courses which are very difficult for Chinese children. Therefore, it is difficult for children to improve their GPa.

   Comparison of four schools


Through comparison, it can be found that it is more difficult to enter a famous American school! Among the top 100 universities in the world, 32 are in the United States and 19 are in the UK. We should know that there are more than 3000 universities in the United States and 115 universities in the UK, which means that only 1% of the universities in the United States and nearly 20% in the United Kingdom. It's clear where to go to a good university is easy.

   5 to England or America?


Tang's destination was originally the United States. Later, I met Mr. Chai and came into contact with the "new concept" of full trusteeship to study abroad. After careful consideration, he decided to change his destination to the UK, becoming the first batch of full trusteeship students studying in the UK in 2011. Of course, our full trusteeship did not disappoint Tang. It became his booster and helped him soar into the sky. A year later, he took the offer of five famous universities in the UK, and finally chose Cambridge University.

American higher education adopts universal education system. All students can go to university. It is difficult and expensive to apply for a good university, which is more suitable for postgraduate study. However, the elite education system in Britain pursues less but better, and has a solid foundation for undergraduate education, and can also go to the United States at the postgraduate stage. Although we can't say who is better, Mr. Chai's advice is: "those who get good grades go to the UK, and those who get average grades can also go to the United States. After all, there must be some college students.

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