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One of the three conditions for studying in British junior high school is indispensable

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

British junior high school is the first choice for domestic families to study abroad. Many parents have already planned their children to study in British junior high school from primary school. Before planning, they must first understand the necessary conditions for applying for British junior high school study. The editor of Tiandao international studies will make a detailed inventory of the conditions for studying in British junior high school.

British junior high school conditions 1: rich family economic foundation. The families of young international students need a relatively rich economic foundation. British secondary schools generally have to study for three or four years. For example, the cost of private secondary schools in Britain and the United States is as high as 300000 yuan / year. Even if it is a government public middle school, it will cost about 120000-180000 yuan / year.

British junior high school study condition 2: young children going abroad have better independent ability and self-control ability. If children with poor self-care ability or self-control ability, they are likely to learn nothing abroad.

British junior high school study condition 3: psychological preparation should be sufficient. Nowadays, most of the young people are only children. They are self-centered, have little contact with others, and have poor self-control and self-care ability. As a result, some young people have great curiosity about the new overseas cultural environment and are unable to resist all kinds of temptation and delay their study; Or the ability to resist pressure is poor, and they will avoid retreat when they encounter problems; Some students are too introverted and lack the ability to communicate with others and can not integrate into the new learning and living environment

Of course, junior high school students are very young, with high plasticity, high risk and return. Therefore, in addition to the above three conditions, there are many details and conditions for junior high school students to study in the UK, which need special attention from parents.

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