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Studying in the UK

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Recommended government secondary schools:

   Huddersfield College Wakefield college, the only school in the UK to win the title of "outstanding management in enterprise and innovation", is particularly suitable for students who want to take business or management courses

   Stevenson College, the University of Edinburgh to open a preparatory course, through the preparatory course into the University's undergraduate courses

Bath City College, opened bath university preparatory courses, after passing the examination to the University of bath undergraduate courses

Students who want to enter the excellent public middle schools or university preparatory courses, or higher vocational colleges closely related to employment, can enjoy the value-added teaching services with reasonable expenses, and enter famous universities.

Students who have completed high school, vocational secondary school or technical secondary school in China can go to the UK to study the National Diploma of Higher Education (HND) for 4000 to 6000 pounds per year. After two years of study, you can directly insert into the second or third year of the three-year undergraduate course to obtain the bachelor's degree.

No matter what kind of school you choose to study in the UK, students are required to have a medium or above score and language ability before going abroad; Students should have good learning ability and quality.

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