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Studying in British high school: it is the school's solemn mission not to let students regret

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

The annual college entrance examination has come to an end. Although it is far away from the college entrance examination, we can't help but feel a little nervous and excited as the examinees when it comes to the college entrance examination every year.

In fact, the examination time is roughly the same all over the country. Britain is the first country in the world to establish a more perfect higher education system. Over the past few centuries, the enrollment system of British colleges and universities has been continuously reformed, forming the "certificate system" which does not judge heroes by scores.

At the same time, the "certificate system" has broken the "one stroke" admission mode. Let's take a look at the "college entrance examination" of British students.
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"Certificate system" focuses on process evaluation

The "certificate system" is implemented in British colleges and universities, which is different from the "examination system" in China. Universities do not hold entrance examinations, and enroll new students mainly according to their secondary school graduation qualifications and corresponding certificate certification system.

➤ primary and secondary education in the UK is free. After five years of secondary education, middle school students should take the GCSE. GCSE usually takes 8-10 courses, which are unified by the British education department, and the national examination is conducted at the specified time. Passing the GCSE examination and getting the certificate marks the end of secondary education.

➤ if you want to continue your further education, you can continue to have two years of free study, which is called "university preparatory course". The A-level examination, which is regarded as the British college entrance examination, is carried out in the two years of the college preparatory course.

➤ in the "University Preparatory Program", students can choose their own courses according to their personal interests and the major they want to study in the future. Good middle schools often offer 20-30 courses to choose from. There are many kinds of courses. The compulsory courses include English language, literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, economics, etc. the optional courses include ancient English, music, history, geography, etc.

(for example, if you want to study architecture in the future, you'd better choose art design, architecture, mathematics, physics, etc.) in the A-level stage

➤ in the first year of "college preparatory", you need to choose two courses from the required courses and two courses from the optional courses. After completing the examination, you can apply for the university after you get the scores. Because read only for one year, so get "pre admission notice".

How to change "pre admission notice" into "admission notice"? This depends on the second year of study.

➤ in the second year of the college preparatory program, you need to select three of the four subjects you are good at in the first year for the examination. If you pass the test, the "pre admission notice" will be automatically converted into the "formal admission notice".
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No choice for students to regret

How is A-level score calculated?

Each course has six examinations in two years. The highest score of each test is 100 points. The total score of the six examinations is the final score of the course. The score of 480-600 points is a grade, while 0-239 points are u-class, the letter U, which represents failure.

The British college entrance examination adopts the cumulative score system, so if you want to get good results, you have to study persistently in the past two years, which is not a final conclusion. The more humanized rule is that if students are not satisfied with their test scores in a certain course, they can also choose to make up the exam. The results of the make-up examination can completely replace the original results, but the registration fee for the make-up examination needs to be borne by yourself.

After the examination, students predict their A-level scores in three subjects, such as AAA, ACB, CBD, etc., and fill in university applications. Generally, they can apply for six volunteers.

In the UK, if the candidates find that the A-level test is playing beyond the normal level, they can choose to retain the admission qualification of the admitted school during the "upgrading week" and then apply for admission to a better university. "This reform will benefit more than 9000 students every year. It will not judge heroes by the results of one examination, and students will not have choices to regret," said local education officials

However, it is not easy for British students to enter famous universities. For example, in some top universities, A-level scores must be all a's. in this way, if you want to enter the best university, you also need to have the drive of "learning hegemony".

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