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Is the gold content of one-year master's degree in Britain low?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

It takes two to three years for a master's degree in China, and two years for a master's degree in the United States, while only one year for a master's degree in the UK, will there be a problem that its gold content is not as good as that of other countries? In addition, there has always been a saying that many domestic units will recognize domestic graduate students and doctoral students more. Will there be a situation that overseas students will not be taken seriously?

In fact, many Chinese students planning to study in the UK have such concerns. According to everyone's concept, it takes two to three years for other countries to complete their master's degree. Why does it only take one year in the UK?

In fact, we can rest assured. Although the British Master's system is only one year, but the school work is very tight and the arrangement is very full.

For example, for media major, there are about five compulsory courses in a semester. Each course has to hand in an essay every month and prepare a presentation once a week.

Don't feel that you can cram like you do at home, otherwise you may not be able to pass. In short, it is certain that you often stay in the library this year, and the intensity of learning is also relatively large. It will never make you feel that you are not learning enough.

However, there are also some non formal institutions in the UK. It is very simple to verify this. If you have any questions, you can go to the information network of the people's Republic of China on the supervision of foreign affairs in education. The institutions that meet the standards are recognized in China.

Senior officials at the Chinese Embassy in London have also said they have never received information that one-year master's degrees are not recognized. If the news does exist, the embassy will send official documents to the society at the first time.

Senior officials at the British Council's China Division also said it was untrue that the British one-year master's degree was not recognized. Because the Chinese and British governments have signed an agreement on mutual recognition of educational degrees between the two countries. It is impossible for China to unilaterally violate the agreement and act to affect the cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries.

In fact, there is no rigid international standard for how many years a master's degree is. Most of the majors in Britain, Singapore and other countries are one-year programs. In Australia, there are 1-year, 1.5-year and 2-year Master's degree. In fact, the United States also has a one-year master's program.

In fact, time is not a problem. Compared with the education system credits of other countries, the credits of one-year master's degree in Britain are completely equivalent to those in other countries.

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