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Where did I go to high school before Oxford was admitted

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I graduated from junior high school in the world foreign language middle school (Xuhui District ranked No. 2), and completed the first and second year of senior high school in Nanyang Model middle school (Shanghai ranked No. 5). At that time, many students were planning to go abroad, and I also wanted to go out to see the outside world. Since I was a child, I have decided that university must go abroad, and my biggest dream is to go to Oxford or Cambridge( housing resources )But these two schools do not accept the direct application of Chinese high school students (generally speaking, Oxford and Cambridge require high school students to submit A-level scores, and they do not accept university preparatory applications. Domestic students can obtain A-level scores by entering a regular British high school). So I chose high school and went to the UK, It is not only to adapt, but also to experience the learning life there in advance.

1、 Going to Oxford because of "poor grades"?

At home, my mother's attitude is that if I want to study abroad, I have to apply myself. After I had this idea, I tried to contact several educational consulting agencies, but their responses made me not very satisfied. Either they thought I was not suitable to go out, or they thought that my grades were too poor to apply to schools other than 50. I am very angry. After all, I am also studying in a top high school in Shanghai. Why can't I go to a good school in England? Thus, a period of perplexity began. Is he so bad? Shouldn't you go abroad?

 This is the guide to famous schools. Rupert Hoogewerf, President of Hurun Baifu (left), William vanbergen, President of Buyi Education (right)

This is the guide to famous schools
Rupert Hoogewerf, President of Hurun Baifu (left)
William vanbergen, President of Buyi Education (right)

The first time I met, the consultant asked me to do a math test and an IQ test. The result was not bad. I.Q. was 126. After that, under the guidance of my consultants, I chose five schools: Tonbridge and Wellington( housing resources )They are public school, Caterham, Abingdon and Oakham. These five schools are excellent, but there are some differences in levels. (as for Wellington, some people say that it is "the most difficult school in Britain" -- here, an online news piece is quoted: "Prince George Alexander Lewis, the eldest son of Prince William, great grandson of Queen Elizabeth and third in line successor of the British royal family, will also attend this famous Royal school").

 Before I was admitted to Oxford University, where did I choose "part 1"

Teacher Emma vanbergen gives a speech in Chinese

Apart from the consultant, what I want to thank most is the teacher Emma vanbergen. She is British, but her Chinese is very good and she is also very enthusiastic about people. Although I am not her student, she still takes great care of me. She also stipulates that I should write English travel notes when traveling and help me revise them. This has greatly helped me improve my English level. Later, I heard that teacher Emma was the authority of boarding school application. Many of her students went to Eton and harrow, which are better than Wellington. Of course, there are fewer Chinese students who can go to those schools than those who go to Oxford, so I am very satisfied to be able to go to Wellington.

 Before I was admitted to Oxford University, where did I choose "part 1"

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