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How to connect with foreign universities seamlessly: college entrance examination results + interview

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Liu Bingrui, manager of the US Canada division of Xintong Beijing International Trade Center, said that students who hope to enter the University as soon as possible and do not want to have a gap before entering university are suitable for choosing to study fast.

According to Liu Bingrui, there are two ways for students who hope to study abroad this fall: the first is to choose a school like Illinois Institute of technology, which can refer to the results of the college entrance examination and enroll students through interviews. They don't need to read the language and directly enter the professional courses.

The second is to choose schools that have not yet closed their applications and apply for double admission. They should first take language courses for a short period of time, and then take formal professional courses.

Students who hope to study abroad next spring will have more choices. "Not many of the top 30 schools in the United States enroll students in the spring. Most of the schools after the top 30 enroll students. As long as they immediately start preparing their language scores and take the regular application route to get admitted, they can enroll in the next spring."


You need to go to preparatory school before you go to a famous school

"At present, in Australia, there are three types of students studying abroad after the college entrance examination." Wang Wei, a consultant of Australia and New Zealand Department of Xintong Beijing International Trade Center, introduces that in addition to being directly admitted to Australian universities by virtue of college entrance examination results, some schools can admit Chinese students through high school results, but the school ranking will not be very high. "The earliest time to start school is February next year. For students without IELTS scores, there is time to prepare."

Wang Wei said that if you want to go to the Eighth National Congress of Australia, you can only go to preparatory school first. He explained that most of Australia's universities enroll in February and July for their undergraduate courses, while the second half of the matriculation period is from July to October. Therefore, after the college entrance examination, students can apply to the preparatory schools from September to October. Students who have passed IELTS scores can catch up with the application and start smoothly, so students in this category need to apply as soon as possible.

"If there is no IELTS score, it is not recommended to apply for the preparatory course in September. You can consider the preparatory course in February and March next year. In this way, you can prepare to review IELTS in the second half of the year, and the time will be more sufficient." Wang Wei said that the preparatory course generally requires IELTS to reach 6.0 points, otherwise according to the IELTS score, it will match a longer preparatory course.

Wang Wei reminded that if you want to go to the 8th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, you must prepare for the IELTS test carefully, and you'd better find relevant language training institutions for reasonable review.

"Finally, IELTS or English Many four-star or three-star schools in Australia can also provide preparatory courses, and the IELTS scores and academic performance requirements are relatively low, so you can choose your favorite major. "

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