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More and more foreign universities take China's college entrance examination results as admission criteria

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

College entrance examination is a test of students' long-term knowledge, which can test students' ability of continuous learning

For a long time, the domestic criticism of the college entrance examination system is endless, and the call for reform is also very strong. On the contrary, more and more foreign universities begin to value the college entrance examination scores of Chinese applicants, and even take them as an important reference for admission. Why does this contradiction occur? What is China's college entrance examination like in the eyes of foreign universities and educators?

According to Paul Fitzgerald, President of the University of San Francisco, the college entrance examination has an advantage called "standard reference" by education experts, "it can test whether students can master a specified overall knowledge system, and whether they have the quality of hard work and persistence." therefore, although the University of San Francisco knows that there are many criticisms against the Chinese college entrance examination, the University of San Francisco has the advantage of "standard reference", The new plan of recruiting students according to the results of the college entrance examination has been launched. Dillon Carlin, vice president of the University of Sydney, also believes that the Chinese college entrance examination is very effective in examining the possibility of students' future success. "Those Chinese students who apply for the University of Sydney based on their scores above one grade in the college entrance examination are excellent students in the University."

"The advantage of China's college entrance examination is that it is a test of students' knowledge over a long period of time." according to Stanley Nell, "by contrast, as long as you spend more time preparing, sat and TOEFL are easy to significantly improve your grades in a short time." in his view, college learning requires not only intelligence, but also motivation and the ability to continue learning, The college entrance examination can successfully test the quality of students in these aspects. On the contrary, preparing for sat and TOEFL does not teach students much useful things "Take sat as an example, students don't have to learn advanced mathematics, they don't need to acquire the ability of critical analysis, they have to master a lot of vocabulary and test skills. Similarly, Chinese students spend a lot of time preparing for TOEFL, some of them have achieved excellent results, but their basic language ability has hardly improved." It is precisely for these reasons that the University of San Francisco has launched the program of taking college entrance examination results as the admission standard.

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